How do I become an inclusive teacher?
Ingemar Emanuelson's opinion is that inclusion is a way of being. It has to do with how a teacher organizes and acts when meeting a group of children with different backgrounds and abilities. The starting point of the performance of a teacher lies in the conviction: "what do I as a teacher consider good education for these children?". It requires the teacher's willingness to think in terms of "what does this pupil need from me?" and "how can I support this pupil in his or her development?". Teaching in an inclusive way is achieved through practice and experience, whereby a teacher's vision and competence will gradually develop.

The consequence of this idea is that you cannot prescribe once and for all how to act, but each teacher discovers through practice what guidance or support the student needs. The contact and level of adjustment between teacher and student is unique to these two people in this situation. In every following situation, the teacher again will make his own choices regarding how best to support each student so that he or she may progress.

Reflection (Korthagen en Bateson) and action-oriented work (Beukerink en Pameijer) are essential tools for this process.



Ingemar Emanuelsson 


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