Ingemar’s drive



"There is something important in every person"

Professor Ingemar Emanuelsson's motivation, ever to push for inclusive education, is based on his conviction that every person is able to learn.

People function in groups. The interaction between people in a group leads to learning of all participants. People learn from and with each other.

Learning means that you are open and that you give yourself space to experience something new. Learning is a challenge, learning is discovery, learning is searching for and seeing possibilities.

If everyone is able to learn, then, according to Emanuelsson, everyone has the right to do so. Possibilities for learning should therefore be observed and taken care of.

The school is a learning community where both teachers and students play their parts. Through their interaction they learn from each other.
In order to be able to guide learning processes it is necessary for the teacher to recognize the potentials of each student, and her/his own role in the interaction as well. Education must be planned in cooperation with the students, so that each member of the group (including the teacher) can develop further. She thinks and acts "inclusively" .
The teacher should also be open with colleagues. They should share experiences with each other in order to learn themselves and to better adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student.

According to Emanuelsson , people continue to learn throughout their whole life. "If you do not learn any more you are close to dead," he uses to say.


Ingemar Emanuelsson 


Ingemar’s drive

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